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VPN One Click mag vielleicht nicht eines der bekanntesten VPNs sein, aber mit 52 Servern auf der ganzen Welt und 1 erlaubten Geräten pro Lizenz, möchtest Du den Anbieter vielleicht berücksichtigen. VPN One Click wird für seine Preise mit 4.0 bewertet. Sie beginnen bei $ 2.99/Monat.

Jun 4, 2019
VPN One Click Nutzerbewertungen
Stephen Foulkes
Jun 4, 2019
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This is more of a fraud than a VPN service

I signed up back in 2016 for a week trial. It was not good and I thought no more about it. What I missed then and in the following two years is that I had agreed to $10 a year being taken from my Paypal account. My mistake for not realizing and I spotted it this year and tried to contact the company. They did reply and told me to log in and cancel. That would be easy enough but there is no log in option. It doesn't exist. No username, no password When challenged on this, they have gone quiet. No replies. I have told them I want to cancel, I have told paypal I want to cancel and I will have to wait for my subscription date to see if that happens. So if you want to pay forever join them. If you want a working VPN then go elsewhere. So the service as a VPN is below average but once you sign up, you are hooked and no help from the company. I didn't even want a refund but just to cancel the service and I have been at this every day for the last seven days.

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    Mai 22, 2019
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    Linux support has been removed, don't bother with this VPN supplier

    Sadly, OneClickVpn no longer supports Linux (Debian). This omission is tragic as many of us have moved from windows, manly due to time wasted with system updates and it vulnerability issues. It was a good vpn on my previous linux PC but the Gods at vpnoneclick.com have decided to no longer offer a linux version as download. Thanks, I'll take my business elsewhere.

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      R. E. Thomas
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      Automatic Renewal

      Better watch for this, I have been charged 3 times in 2018 for renewal. Try to get your money back, no response from the vendor. Feels like I have been scammed. Still trying though, cannot use this program on my computer so do not want it.

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        Anzahl der Länder mit Servern 41
        Anzahl der Server 52
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        Anzahl an Geräten pro Lizenz 1
        Preisgestaltung 4.0 / 5.0
        iPhone & iPad
        $ 2.99 /Monat
        Android & Tablets
        $ 2.99 /Monat
        Windows and Mac
        $ 4.99/Monat
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        Anzahl an Geräten pro Lizenz: 1
        VPN-Pakete: www.vpnoneclick.com
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